"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." ~ Aesop"


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Random Acts of Kindness Calendar April 2020

Random Acts of Kindness Calendar April 2020


Now, more than ever, the world needs as much kindness as we can find! It may be a little harder these days since we are not all out and about as usual. But, especially at this time we really need to be even more aware.

And if you're staying at home, as we all should be, please try to be extra kind to those who are sheltering in place with you. You and your family members may need all the kindness possible right now to get through these times as easily as possible.

Download your free printable Kindness Calendar for April 2020, and share it with your family and friends to show how easy it can be to add a little kindness to each day.

Even if you can't get outside now, just tuck some of these ideas away because the day will come when you will be happy to share these kindnesses with strangers again...