"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." ~ Aesop


Random Acts of Kindness

Hopefully, the sharing of personal stories and experiences will help motivate and encourage others to keep spreading kindness. Whether it is an act of kindness that we have received, or one that we have done, or even one that we have witnessed. Let's try and make the world a better place, one random act of kindness at a time!



Grocery shopping can be a pain when you are short. There is always something you need on the top shelf way in the back. When I was shopping this morning, I was reaching for the chicken broth and knew it was a total waste of time. All of a sudden a long arm appeared over my head easily grabbing the container. "Thanks!" I said to the smiling stranger. "No problem", he said. "Sometimes the tall ones have to look out for the little ones." It was just a little thing, but kind of made my day a little brighter!

I got out of my car and noticed a wallet on the ground. So I picked it up threw it into my purse until I got back into my car. Looked around as I went into the store just to see if anyone was looking for anything. No luck. Got back into my car and opened it to see if there was any phone number so I could call the person and tell them I had found their wallet. I'm sure the person was frantic. Of course no phone number to be found. A few credit/ atm cards , 2 other cards , license and $253.00 cash. So I thought well it is a bit late and I don't know this person so I better not drive over to their house with it so instead I drove it to the FVPD. Gave it to dispatch and she said they will try to contact the person. About an hour later the police dispatch called me to let me know that they did reach the owner and he came to pick up his wallet. He asked her for my phone number and she said she could not give it to him. So he asked her to call me to let me know how incredibly grateful he was that I turned it in and even more shocked that every single dollar was still inside of it. She said he could not thank me enough. It is sad that in this day and age people don't do the right thing and return what doesn't belong to them. Moral of the story is I really was happy to know that the wallet got back to the owner and happy to know that he was so happy that his money was still there. Who knows it could have been the end of his money to pay a bill or buy food. I am not posting this for attention by any means. I am posting it hoping that people do the right thing as easy as it was I could have taken all the money and threw the wallet away but I wouldn't have even thought of doing that. All ends well. Thank you FVPD for calling me to let me know.

I had just come out of the post office after buying stamps. As I walked past the mailboxes that were outside, a woman walked up about to mail a letter. She rolled her eyes and complained to herself because she forgot to put a stamp on the letter. "Here", I said as I was peeling off a stamp and handing it to her, "just bought them, no reason not to share." A small thing to me, but saved her from standing on the long line inside.

One day while in the mall, I saw a mom struggling with one baby in her arms while another was on the floor in full melt-down mode. My heart went out to her as I watched many people pass them by rolling their eyes in judgment. I remembered those helpless days and asked her if there was anything I could do to help. She thanked me and asked if I would just stay with her till the toddler calmed down. Within five minutes, mom, baby, and toddler were once again all smiles and happily on their way.

My husband brought his mom to a local golf tournament. As he was trying to push/pull her wheelchair across gravel, it became impossible to move her. A few people that were ahead of them noticed his struggle. They got off the entrance line and together lifted her and the wheelchair to the pavement. Then they told my husband and mother-in-law to go in ahead of them. There are still kind people everywhere.

Earlier today I was in line at the drive-up window at McD's. When I pulled up to the window to pay, I was shocked when the girl told me that the car in front of me had payed for my order! I waved to the car in front and everyone in that car waved back. I then told the girl in the window that I wanted to pay for the car behind me - but she said there wasn't another car. She told me I was the eighth car in a row that was paid for by the car in front. I didn't want the kindness to end with me, so I gave the girl a twenty (even though that was way more than what my lunch would have cost me) and asked her to use it for the next car that came through. The look on this young girl's face was just priceless!



Please share your experiences with all of us. Don't be put off because you fear that others will think you are just bragging or showing off. Look at it as sharing your personal story so that others may be encouraged and inspired to do the same. So, what's your kindness story?