"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." ~ Aesop


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Random Acts of Kindness Calendar April 2021

Random Acts of Kindness Calendar April 2021


Spring is here and the weather is finally becoming a little more pleasant. This chance to spend more time outdoors enjoying this weather, along with some easing up of social restrictions, is long overdue!

While you're out and about enjoying these fresh new surroundings, it's a great time to share kindness with those around you.

And you never know when that opportunity will present itself.

When you happen to find yourself in the company of someone who really appears to need an extra dose of kindness, keep this in mind... Maybe that person was put in front of you for a reason.

If you are a spiritual person, perhaps it is a test that God is sending you. If you're not particularly spiritual, maybe it is just Karma giving you a chance to earn some extra credit. Whichever it is, don't miss that opportunity!

Some of us may find ourselves in a situation where we don't often have the opportunity to share kindness with others. In that case, you may just need a little thoughtful inspiration of your own. If so, please look at our pages of Inspirational Kindness Quotes. It may be just what you need!

Don't forget to download your free printable Kindness Calendar for April 2021, and share it with your family and friends to remind them just how easy it can be to add a little kindness to each day.

The world around us can always benefit from a little more kindness! Please do your part to make a positive difference in the world around you.